Conditions of joining:
1. A team organization or individual with independent civil liability.
2. Identify with fursmet brand, have a good investment mentality and pioneering consciousness.
3. In addition to franchise fees, franchisees should also have basic investment costs and a certain amount of working capital.
4. Good business credit and business premises.
5. Be able to accept the management of the company and abide by the company's operating system.
6. Good credit and good communication skills.
7, have brand awareness, and have a long-term vision for development, familiar with and understand the development status of the industry.

Franchise process:
1. Investment consulting
Investors want to get to join information, click on the website to leave a message to leave your basic information can be.
2. Site investigation
If investors do not know the brand well, they can go to the brand headquarters for a detailed inspection.
3. Franchise application
Franchisees fill in the application form in detail according to the actual situation, so that the company can better serve you.
4. Formal signing
If it passes the audit of the headquarters' joining qualification, both parties can discuss various cooperation details and sign a formal cooperation agreement after reaching an agreement.
5. Find your own store
Consult the owner of the house to understand the rent, area, hydropower and coal facilities consult the local industry and commerce, understand the licensing rules.
6, decoration arrangement
The head office design scheme drawings according to the situation of the store, and the decoration is arranged by the franchisee at his own expense according to the requirements of the company. After the decoration is completed, the company goes to the franchise store for acceptance.
7. Pre-job training
The earrings need to join the pre-job training before opening the shop, understand the corporate culture of the earrings, including the technology needed after opening the shop and so on.
8, opening preparation
Receive authorization, opening gifts, marketing guidance manuals and other materials, all products, personnel in place to prepare for the opening.
9. Official opening
According to the opening plan, the pre-opening inspection, the opening ceremony, the official opening.