Integrated production of 100,000-level purification workshop:

Without special requirements, the temperature of the purification workshop is always controlled at 18~26 degrees Celsius, and the relative humidity is controlled at 45%~65%. Our production personnel in the purification workshop have extremely high production quality, and strictly require that the production personnel must be clean hands and sterile. During the production operation, the product surface is not in contact with the skin surface of the production personnel. Make the quality of the initial packaging materials meet the requirements of the packaged sterile medical devices.

Ethylene oxide sterilization: 

Ethylene oxide sterilization device is the key equipment of disposable sterile medical equipment manufacturers. Using ethylene oxide sterilization can quickly achieve the sterilization effect, without pollution, and more environmentally friendly. Our products have been initially pollution-free in the production process of the purification workshop, and then undergo deep-level disinfection and sterilization with ethylene oxide. Absolutely guarantee the sterility requirements of the product.

Nickel safety:

Meet the European EN1811 nickel safety release standard, hypoallergenic;

Tyvek protection:

The lid on the blister pack is Tyvek® from DuPont, USA, which guarantees at least a five-year shelf life for sterilized products;

Environmental friendly:

Some products can use biodegradable plastics to serve diversified customers;


The company is committed to innovation to make the puncture safer. The trademarks Firstomato®, Foldasafe®, Snakemolt®, DolphinMishu® are all designed by Forsmet and have obtained global patents.